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‘Singha Durbar’ had featured Nepali actress Gauri Malla as Nepal’s first female Prime Minister.

Months after the launched of that TV series, Nepal got first woman chief justice.

Starting from version 3, we have added ipad support and provided rashifal and gold/silver price trends over last 30 days.

They are bonded, nonetheless, by friendship and affection for a hen, whose eggs just might make a difference to Prakash's impoverished family.

The TV series was funded by USAID and was produced by Search for Common Ground Nepal, along with production partner Mila Productions.The trio all had dreams to fulfill 'when they grew up', but time and destiny seem to have other plans for them. See full summary » Director: Nigam Shrestha When Laxmi, headmistress of a small orphanage in Nepal, is visited by a rich socialite attempting to fix her image through charitable acts, a chain of events is set in motion that affects ...[…] Nepal got the first female president and the first female speaker of Parliament while Nepal Television was about to launch the most awaited TV series ‘Singha Durbar’ which brought the first female PM to Nepal.A devoted father and an adoring husband, Dipak works as a security guard, while Saraswati happily tends to traditional housework. See full summary » Director: Tsering Rhitar Sherpa Based on a police investigation of a murder case of a school girl Rupa K. The case gets connected to the tenants of Musya Sahu and the hide and seek between cops and criminals starts.Two undercover veteran crime investigating agents meet co-incidentally and start sharing a same room in some place in Kathmandu valley.See full summary » Director: Sudarshan Thapa The film highlights the changing lives and ways of the Limbu people, an ethnic minority residing in rural eastern Nepal.It is a story of a young Limbu girl's struggle with cultural ...Share our dashain tihar ecards with your friends and family.Now, we are adding "Hamro Radio", one of the best online nepali radio and FM player.his chances of achieving his dream of becoming a singer was slim to none, under the ...See full summary » Director: Prashant Rasaily Basanti is a historical love story based on the novel by Diamond Shamsher.

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