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Source – Renata files, Renata with her daughter Glenrose – about 1936 Source – family photo, Renata on the right, visiting her sister, Cordelia in Leland, Sauk County, Wis.– About 1941 Elda, who was one of the funniest people this writer has ever known, never married.

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* * * * * * Even though the lives of William and Augusta’s family contained many difficulties and sorrows, the most enduring impression of these people is of their ever-present love of a funny story, lively conversation, and enthusiastic, broad interest in life.

The pasture was left to grow and has become a forest over the past 40 years. A brief summary of the lives of the family members follows.

Contents©2016 by Harold Pfohl Source – family photo, Augusta with her grandchildren, Dec.

Viola loved her Lueder homestead, and a quarter mile distant was as far away as she wanted to go.

Source – family photo, The creamery Source – family photo, Demolition Source – author photo, Viola in front of her home, about 1990 Source – author photo, Viola and Erwin at home about 1980 Viola died at 99 years of age.

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