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The clues pointed to Seacrest and the Houghs.[quote]Why was he so rude about it? Interestingly enough, I have an acquaintance (not quite a friend but someone I'm friendly with) who works as a rentboy, he's pretty cute, sort of has a muscle twink thing going on, and I have had conversations with him in the past about who he's fucked with.

Some money changed hands but I can't recall any details. Derek Hough could visit children's hospitals every day but if a fan is rebuffed in a 20 second encounter he is instantly labeled an asshole.You stay in Colton's closet until he is ready for you to shine again.Come on, it's so bad...remember the golden shower curtain is in there with you. Derek and Colton can take turns sharing both of you...sounds pretty hot, right?For better or worse, Derek Hough is a pretty fantastic dancer with an amazingly ripped body.That much is obvious, but there’s always been something quite ambiguous about Derek, which is that he has acquired the reputation for wooing the ladies, but there might be something else there, you know?He didn't tell me if he was a top or bottom or anything like that, so I don't have much to add to this outside of the fact that he's at the very least occasionally bisexual. And if he is, his Mormonism and the fact he's clearly insecure about being called gay for so long highlights he won't be coming out anytime soon.My friend also told me to never release details about his contacts, so luckily this website is mostly anonymous. It seems as though today celebrities have to agree to every request, reasonable or not, lest they be labeled "rude". I don't know if I believe him, personally, but he did say Derek Hough's name specifically.I guess what I’m saying is that there have been persistent rumors that Derek might actually be gay. Regardless of his sexuality, I guess all the talk may have gotten under Derek’s skin.According to a story in this week’s Enquirer, Derek threw a little diva fit when some dude tried to take a photo of him at a Salt Lake City gay bar:"Sexy pro dancer Derek Hough donned some shiny silver pants and shook his fanny at a popular Salt Lake City gay club — but then freaked out when a fan tried to take his picture!What is rude is walking up to a total stranger and asking them for this and that, thinking they owe you something. And personally, I don't think he's that attractive so I couldn't care less either way.He's probably like that other Mormon dancer, Benji Schwimmer.

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  1. Once the relationship becomes too intimate, they'll cut and run. Look out for the person who is quick to flatter and compliment you without really knowing you. In a discussion about their past relationships, they will denigrate their former partners.