Are daniel kelly and melinda shankar still dating

Feeling ashamed of his body, Adam considers chest reconstruction surgery.

Meanwhile, a smitten Imogen hatches a plan to help Eli get over Clare.

Yet despite the many challenges of high school, the characters rally against adversity, learn from their mistakes, and still find the joys in adolescence together—even when they least expect it. Fiona is desperate for romance and crushes hard on a new girl. Meanwhile, Drew meets with his lawyer to discuss his manslaughter case.

Meanwhile, a heartbroken Sav is depressed over his ex—can he get out of his funk? Clare feels Eli is taking their breakup way too easy and demands some answers. Drew is debilitated by his fear of Vince and Bianca is determined to make things right.

Fiona is falling hard for Charlie—but does Charlie share Fiona’s feelings?

Season 11 of Degrassi tackles many issues that are relevant to today’s teens, including gang violence, drug abuse, bullying, gender identity, sexuality, teen parenthood and romance. A grounded Drew suspects that Bianca is being unfaithful and goes to extreme measures to learn the truth. Chris and is determined to follow him to Africa for ‘Doctors Without Borders’—but does he share Anya’s feelings? Connor is curious about girls and develops an unhealthy obsession.

Meanwhile, Degrassi searches for the student caught in the girls’ locker room— will Connor be exposed?

Clare has the hots for Jake and a casual kiss quickly turns into something more.

New student Jake is getting acquainted with Degrassi, and may be the perfect rebound for Clare. Anya is ashamed of hooking up with Owen—but could Owen be relationship material?

Meanwhile, Jenna is overwhelmed by the baby and feels K. Meanwhile, Wesley discovers Connor’s secret stash of ladies underwear.

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