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Aunty Shan confronts her nephew about this episode who denies being there and comes out with some excuse that there were other boys present, Aunty doesn't believe a word of it, he pleads that he is misunderstood and always gets the blame.I'm afraid it falls on deaf ears as Aunty Shan drags him over knee for a spanking before she removes her full collar slipper to use on his reddening bottom! Cyber Patrol | Safesurf | Net Nanny | Cyber Sitter Copyright © 2001 - 2018 Clips4Sale® All Rights Reserved.Aunty Shan is not impressed by their recalcitrant behaviour combined with the mess they have made and uses her “devil Slipper” upon his bottom informing him that his cousins can look forward to the same.Aunty Shan then fetches her hoover to clean up all the pumpkin seeds that are all over her rug!F/m Slippering Eddie has been a little menace of late, his latest spate with the papers and blaming his cousins for all the misdeeds he has gotten up to ends up with him over her knee for a slippering!F/m Slippering Coming through the hallway Aunty Shan trips over his paper bag, this is the third time she has told him about moving it!Angered that he has broken it, she tells him to fetch her hoover so that she can clean up the broken glass before she pulls him over the worktop and spanks him whilst wearing her rubber gloves.

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Aunty Shan enters the front room to relax reading her magazine; she is quite impressed with the boys decorating for Halloween as she makes herself comfortable on the sofa.

Suddenly Eddie makes her jump, sending her heart into palpitations, she shouts at him for being so stupid and subsequently drags him across her knee for a slippering!

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