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Survivors also include her mother, Merne Gibson; brothers, Jack (Deb) Gibson, Jim Gibson, and Jerry (Beth) Gibson; sister, Tracy (Doug) Patrick; Sturgis family in-laws, Gerie Ericson, Lavina Goddard, Tom (Betty) Goddard; mother-in-law, Anna Goddard; and numerous nieces and nephews.

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Delaware appears in 32 of Kellerman's popular murder mysteries. Delaware is a forensic psychologist; although Kellerman writes a back story in which Delaware practiced as a child psychologist.

Kellerman says an empathetic psychologist is an ideal model for a detective." Kellerman introduces Alex Delaware, Ph. Kellerman characterizes Delaware as a successful (albeit retired) child psychologist suffering from burn-out after working on a case of systematic child molestation that culminates when the offender commits suicide in Delaware's office.

Detective Milo Sturgis urges Delaware to come out of retirement and interview a seven-year-old child who may have witnessed a crime.

Kellerman also provides Alex Delaware with a side-kick, LAPD detective Milo Sturgis, as is customary in the mystery genre. D., clinical psychologist, while Robin dates Tim Plachette, a voice coach.

It is also revealed that his mother was a manic-depressive and his father a raging, physically abusive alcoholic. Kellerman's characterization of Delaware is typical of the "Post-Modern Detective" whom Professor Dick Gibson defines as "often an untrained amateur ...

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