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'I haven't got a type, if the energy's right when you meet somebody, they could have a bald head, you know?

I'm not bothered in the end, it's the personality that counts.'As Eve nipped to the toilet, she explained to the cameras that her condition had been 'really hard' growing up and she found it difficult to trust male intentions.

When the pair met after their date, Jordan shared how keen he was to see Eve again.

However, she didn't feel the same: 'I think romantically, I don't think it was there for me.'You're such a nice guy, open, warm kind of person, it's nice, it's refreshing.

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Because of this, she has developed a checklist which she runs through before each date.She explained: 'My parents had to save really hard for me to have nice hair.My dad worked so hard, he drew on my first set of eyebrows.What if he feels the base of my wig while we’re kissing?And then there’s the terrifying prospect of the date night: What if he asks why I can’t maintain certain positions or enact repetitive jolting movements?I imagine if my baldness were exposed, both of us would be startled, before saying an awkward goodbye and then never speaking again When you aren’t up front about your baldness, dating involves a certain degree of deception, which isn’t a healthy place for a relationship to start.I knew that people were taking me, literally, at face value, when my appearance was something I’d meticulously crafted over hours in the privacy of my own bathroom My appearance was a sham, but I kept it a secret because I feared flat-out rejection….Viewers said Eve looked 'more beautiful' without her wig and applauded her for showing her true self during the date. The beauty therapist said she was looking for a man with tattoos and 'somebody solid who can chuck me over their shoulder' - and in walked the handsome teaching assistant - with said body art in place.Eve explained to barman Merlin Griffiths that she'd been single for over three years because she was 'too nice' and let men walk all over her.'I don't think I've ever been treated right.But more than rejection, I feared the notion that people would find it impossible to separate my physical state from who I was as a person.” Michelle decided she wanted to be ‘upfront’ from the start about who she was and what she really looked like.She started writing a blog called Single Asian Female where she documented her alopecia and dating adventures.

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