Become less intimidating guys love with no boundary dating

You do have to figure out which one you think it is before we can fix this problem.

Let’s assume that you believe that guys are intimidated by you due to your attitude.

Yes, that means that you try paying attention to him and stay quiet.

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This is one of the best ways to be less intimidating to guys. The guy sits there listening to you ramble on and he starts getting intimidated.

When I asked men what they consider intimidating, the most common response from the guys, was that women who they perceived as dominating attention were intimidating…but not in a good way.

"Having lots of opinions is great, but sometimes it can come across as a know-it-all attitude," says Zach.

I asked many of my friends who often get the “he is just intimidated by you” line why they think they fit the mold of a hard-to-approach gal.

Here’s what they told me: Abby: "I am very independent, and I love autonomy.

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