Black man dating in atlanta

Lawrence has been working to pull things together but not hard enough in the eyes of Issa causing tension.

This boils over resulting in Issa cheating on Lawrence while he remained faithful, and then Lawrence moving out without telling Issa and getting it on with a bank teller that had been after him for some time.

You get yourself together on your own time and when you are ready to protect and provide and lead then you find yourself a mate.

A woman is not expected to “hold it down” or anything else, if he cannot provide (particularly if you are not married) you move on.

Thus, this additional pressure strained the other parts of their relationship.

A woman does not look at a man as a man if he does not provide. They can still like you and love you, but they will not treat you as a man if they see you as an appendage, accessory or baggage.

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And for Lawrence he falls into the well-littered graveyard of dashed dreams of a “Good guy”. I would hold an umbrella and walk girls to class, stay up late in the computer lab and help write term papers.He was trying to get things together but was going so far out of his way to prove his worth to Issa outside of his ability to financially provide that it stagnated his ability to get his self together.Lawrence also in his own way wanted desperately to break the societal stereotype of the deadbeat black man who will not work or provide.Black women are actively chastised for searching for men of economic means who are able to provide a stable life for them (gold-diggers).They are chastised for exploring dating and relationship options instead of settling for the first man that shows them any attention (“these h*** ain’t loyal”).He did not want to become that same broke, cheating, no good dude that black men are often made out to be.Thus, he also went against nature and logic to fill a role which he was not cut out for to maintain their relationship. In truth, these two should have broken up long ago and mentally they did.You don’t have to fight for the love of your parents or family or children, you don’t have to fight for the friendship of your best friends. I have found that if you must fight someone to love you, they never end up loving you. So, for all the guys out there on #Team Lawrence or the #Lawrence Hive just know he is not the poster child for the good guy done wrong, but rather the emblem of what happens when you try to fight for something that isn’t there. Attorney Robert Patillo host of “People, Passion and Politics” Sunday 1 – 4 pm on News and Talk 1380 WAOK.Despite all of the weight and pressure placed on black relationships they can work, but we have no duty to force them too to satisfy society or anyone else. This toxicity has resulted in distrust, resentment, and anger.And this is the juncture of Issa and Lawrence’s relationship. To dissuade the social stigma that comes from a woman leaving a man without means, Issa attempted to “Hold it down” while Lawrence got things together.

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