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The little girl was left in tears outside the surgery and asked her worried mother: 'Why won't the doctor see me, mummy?' Ms Clark, 26, put her daughter to bed when they got home and planned to take her back to the GP the next day.

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One customer at a Tesco Extra branch in Gillingham, Kent (top), took pictures of a 35-minute-long queue in the shop as she tried to pay for a box of porridge and told how shelves had been cleared of bread and other essentials.Instead of simply stepping around Shireen, the man picks her up and walks calmly away.Liam Payne is selling his lavish five bedroom, eight bathroom mansion in Los Angeles for a cool £9.8 million (.9million), amid claims his relationship with girlfriend Cheryl is on the rocks.The horrifying moment the explosion obliterated the convenience store and two-storey flat above it was captured on CCTV.The footage shows smoke burst out onto the street at the moment of impact, before flames rip through the building.Stunned residents and passers-by are also seen watching on in horror from across the street. This morning it emerged that four had died and the death toll rose to five this afternoon.Police and fire chiefs revealed they are still searching for 'missing' people, who remain unaccounted for, and may still be trapped in the building.Boney had flown home after the wedding but decided to return and take his wife out for dinner, it is reported.The pair had a short conversation before Sridevi went to the bathroom to get ready.But found Ellie-May not breathing in bed at 10.30pm.An ambulance was called but doctors could not save her.

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