Carbon 14 dating papyrus fragments

Obbink wrote an analysis of the text in The Times Literary Supplement and later in the papyrology journal Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik, or ZPE.

Collection anxiety Yet, not all classicists and archaeologists were thrilled with the way the findings were presented.

We might have heard tell of how great "Macbeth" once was on stage, but we couldn't perform it ourselves.

In one particularly moving line, the speaker asks, "How can someone not be hurt and hurt again, Queen Aphrodite, by the person one loves — and wishes above all to ask back?

" The discovery gave Sappho scholars a wealth of new material to wrestle with; they're still debating how to reconstruct and interpret the new verses.

The poems had Sappho's signature meter and language and, for the first time, her brothers' names, Charaxos and Larichos, which were only previously known from later biographical works about Sappho.

Parts of the "Brothers Poem" and "Kypris Poem" also overlapped with previously published Sappho fragments. Though the anonymous owner initially believed the cartonnage was from a mummy, Obbink found that it contained no traces of gesso or paint.

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