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I have a gut feeling that will be a pretty dry area! So I posted here a few days ago asking about quality places in Chengdu and I mentioned I had found a We Chat contact for my local Man Spa on Tian Fu San Jie right outside the metro stop but the contact had gone dark. I recognise from your writing that you have considerable experience plus good language skills. Unfortunately, it looks like no other extra services in the spa. I just checked and identified that the company I will do some work for is actually now in the 'Western Hi-Tech Zone', not the 'Hi-Tech Zone', so that will be miles away from Tianfu! Obviously an upmarket and fairly expensive place (without the membership card), and the manager and staff are well trained to extract the kuai and probably wary of first time customers! I was escorted to a private waiting room and my shoes were taken. I told her that if I really liked the massage I might consider it, but if they included a happy ending on this massage then I would definitely do it. Massage girl came in, sort of pretty maybe late 20's but nothing special. About an hour and a half in, Yin Tiao, the very cute manager came in and crouched next to me in a very sexy way. She asked me how I liked and if I wanted to become a member. Pay 3000 and you get 6000 on your account and you can have a happy ending today. We agree to stop the massage and walk down to the ATM. The funny part is, all these girls are outside the door and this one super-hot girl in a tight black miniskirt says Hello,. I'm instructed to down face down, my new masseuse turns the red lights off and leaves the bathroom lights on. Low and behold, I got a new one the other day so I had to check it out. She said there would be a 300 RMB cash discount but it wasn't clear if this was from the 888 or with the 888. Well, I arrive and the place is quite nice, as expected. She was a bit rude about it, but something said - "You're here and 588 is not too bad for a massage in a nice place." I'm glad I did. Becoming a member is the usual card thing you run into in China. Starting to think (and hope) she is going to give me that happy ending. Now, she tells me she needs to get a new girl for the happy ending since the girl I have doesn't do it. So I get to select from two girls, pick a very thin and young thing.

Between that location and Hong Pai Lou metro stop there are a LOT of small "massage" shops. I get the feeling because its a nice place the girl will demand a tip of 500 RMB per HJ or something like that. The manager will tell you all you paid for was the membership fee and again try to upsell you. Been back a second time, no hustle- 2 hour relaxing massage followed by happy ending, full use of the place for as long as I want it. The place has been in business since I moved here 3 years ago and there are about five locations around Chengdu. Mr Clark, Your whole experience sounds like a hustle and a bunch of bait and switch. So you are talked into paying over 0 USD to be a member just to a HJ. My guess is they already have you money and you did not ask the details. If it was some random spa, I wouldn't have done it. I will head back to your recommended location when I get back from a short trip back to the US. Not sure what exchange rate you're using but 3000 RMB is about 0 USD for which they have given me 6 k in credit with no expiration date. This is a standard Chinese business model from hair salons, to coffee shops to Hong Qi.Pretty girl on the first floor escorts me up to the third floor with several beautiful girls in uniform. I did a double-take but as I had already wechatted my girl around the corner, I decided to check back later. She said she would tell me next time, which given that I have 5400 left, will likely be pretty soon.I was escorted to a private waiting room and my shoes were taken. I also warned her with all the affection, I may ask her to be my provider. Five minutes later a petite young girl walks in, and gets really close and asks. Whenever she does this she lets out a cute little Asian girl moan, eventually she gets a little more up there and just brushes my LB teasingly. She oils up her knuckle and there is a little enjoyable non-penetrative butt action which was unexpected. She tells me to and then gets on the phone and asks for something. Anyway, a few minutes later a girl hands her a bucket with something in it. I'm on my back, she is between my legs and starts to tease a bit more, plays with ball, lightly strokes LB moaning, moves her hands up to my nipples and plays with them. How long does your membership last before it expires? Heard them shout "Wai Guo Peng You Lai" (Foreign friend arrived). I am a bit short on cash at the moment, and the Mrs might wonder why I was out 3000 RMB so I told her maybe next time I will come. So, that's not a bad deal so far as cards go and I do live literally 3 blocks away. Yin Tiao says she is a manager like her, and she really likes me so I say in Chinese, "pretty girl, come here! There is a peephole in the door so this way, no one can see I suppose. Giving a very light and gentle rub and within a few minutes she is reaching under to tease my balls. Which is funny, because I'm not totally hard yet, but enjoying the tease. It would easily be worth 600 RMB just for a veggie massage. Next year, I will sometimes work in CD not too far away at Hi-Tech Zone. How long does your membership last before it expires? It's a typical high-end Chinese spa with all amenities.Find a date, make friends, exchange languages Friends & Activity Partners (8) • Create New New in town? Join our chat rooms now to see if there are other chatters from Chengdu currently online.

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