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Japanese festivals are traditional festive occasions. Some festivals have their roots in Chinese festivals centuries ago, but have undergone great changes as they mixed with local customs.

Favorite elements of the most popular matsuri, such as the Nada no Kenka Matsuri of Himeji or the Neputa Matsuri of Hirosaki, are often broadcast on television for the entire nation to enjoy.

Sapporo Snow Festival is one of the largest festivals of the year in Sapporo, held in February for one week.

Some are so different that they do not even remotely resemble the original festival despite sharing the same name and date. Tobata Gion) that are mostly unknown outside a given prefecture.

It is commonly said that you will always find a festival somewhere in Japan.

Unlike most people in East Asia, Japanese people generally do not celebrate Lunar New Year (it having been supplanted by the Western New Year's Day, on January 1, in the late 19th century); although many Chinese residents in Japan, as well as some shrines and temples for religious purposes, still celebrate Lunar New Year in parallel with the Western New Year.

Held in the town of Yasumiya, this festival is on the south side of Lake Towada (near the wooden statues).It began in 1950 when high school students built snow statues in Odori Park, central Sapporo. About a dozen large sculptures are built for the festival along with around 100 smaller snow and ice sculptures. Lake Shikotsu is the northernmost ice-free lake which is 363 meters deep.This festival features a moss-covered cave, which has evergreen draped on the inside and is covered in ice (Gianola, 2008).This festival is held annually and features colorful lantern floats called nebuta which are pulled through the streets of Central Aomori.This festival is held from about August 2–7 every year. During this festival, 20 large nebuta floats are paraded through the streets near Aomori JR rail station.Prior to these, the local kami may be ritually installed in mikoshi and paraded through the streets.One can always find in the vicinity of a matsuri booths selling souvenirs and food such as takoyaki, and games, such as Goldfish scooping.This festival is open all day, but at 5 pm one can enjoy activities such as going through a snow maze, exploring a Japanese igloo, and eat foods from Aomori and Akita prefectures.There is a fireworks show and events held on an ice stage.Our most popular features include Guides, Forums, Timelines and more.Online dating, love, romance, brides, marriage, picture personal ads: Cherry Blossoms. clients with fiancees in the Philippines with a 100 percent success rate!

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