Christian dating younger men

Bless them and let God vindicate you and deal with them. Perhaps like 2 individuals of different backgrounds or race?? Submit it prayerfully to your leaders and Godly friends (who often see through us, see us through...) God will give you peace.) but if God brings 2 individuals together, that's it. His peace surround you and give you clarity and hearing ears.So I believe that more than the physical age , what matters is the mental maturity of the persons involved .If the man (or woman) you're marrying is comaptible with you in maturity (and he/she fits all the other scriptural criteria eg a believer ) then I would say don't let age be a hindrance .... One of the worst things a Christian can do is apologize for the gospel of Jesus Christ.It is hard work especially as both begins to pile on quite a few years. I am 42 years old and I am in a relationship w/ a man who is 25. natasha A 60 year old man with a 20 year old woman accepted?

the parrent sees the potential loss of grandchildren. this is by no means selfish this is our inherited desire for survival.

The only difficulty I could foresee is when a man in the prime of his life marries someone who is past child-bearing age.

We are in love and convinced that we are soulmates and belong together. since when does any father desire for a situation like that to his daughter? there are limits to acceptance on both sides, and with woman it is more difficult because there is something as the meno-pause which indicates that any women becomes infertile at a given age.

But 32 is very young, and you can have a family of your own soon. It is such a shame even the body of Christ makes an issue out of it..

Later he may regret his decision, as time marches on. I mean that should not and would not go over big today. but a woman marrying a younger man is no different than a man marrying a younger woman.

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  1. With our culture’s focus on sex, more and more girls are struggling as well. If you want to conquer your lust, don’t fuel it by feeding it. The first look is a reaction; the second look is a choice.