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Tom Cruise never gives his megawatt movie-star grin a rest, but, for the moment, he truly has something to smile about. So comic scenarios are concocted out of whole cloth.After The Mummy handed the actor the most humbling flop of his career this summer, he's back in top form — Top Gun form, you might even say. In the film, for example, Seal pays regular visits to Manuel Noriega to pick up intel and deliver government payoffs.When you arrive at our tropical isle, you'll be treated to an All-You-Can-Eat Dinner featuring barbeque baby back ribs, chicken, peel & eat shrimp and all the fixin's.Live entertainment during dinner, and a laugh out loud variety show after dinner. Liman and Cruise want the audience to have a good time watching Seal play one side against the other. The filmmakers show him frantically burying duffle bags of cash in his backyard until he runs out of room because, well, that's funnier.Singles cruises for seniors are organized travel opportunities for unmarried mature travelers.Typically, a travel agency organizes a singles cruise for seniors, obtaining a block of staterooms from a cruise line and working with the ship’s cruise director to plan activities for the group.

never pause to give events time to take on meaning.Some travel agencies hire an onboard tour manager/singles host who looks after the needs of the senior singles group.Prices for singles cruises for seniors vary by cruise line, length of cruise, stateroom choice, itinerary and activities offered. For all the excitement the job provides, it doesn't provide particularly well for his family. Cruise plays Seal as a hunky adrenaline junkie recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency to fly over Central America and photograph rebel activity.But I can't help imagining what this movie might have been if Liman had cut the engine occasionally, allowing viewers a moment to reflect on its ominous mix of Hollywood and history.With all the talk of making the country great again these days, we could use a wake-up call.Watching him streak through the sky as real-life TWA pilot-turned-government-sanctioned-smuggler Barry Seal, one all but expects the first line out of his mouth to be "I feel the need for speed! In real life, he may have used one of Noriega's runways." Which, coincidentally, is one of a long list of illicit substances that Seal did feel the need to fly in and out of the U. Nonetheless, American Made is an undeniably good time. Cruise has rarely been as magnetic, perhaps because he's portraying a human being and not the kind of bulletproof action figure he's played for most of the past two decades. Even when Seal finds himself at the center of what would become the Iran-Contra scandal or is saved from jail by a last-minute call from president Bill Clinton, Liman and co.While that's a legitimate artistic choice, it's also a missed opportunity.It's fine to make a screwball comedy with government agencies running in circles like bureaucratic Marx Brothers.

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