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Also, they have started having problems with customers accounts being locked in US Regulated Forex brokers.Here is a letter from FXCM: We are contacting you regarding the status of your FXCM account.I told my sponsor that I had some problems and I had to quit.

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When I saw the opportunity in the industry you and I are in together, I saw an industry that was young, dynamic, and that people loved.If the modifications are excessive, it creates an unnecessarily higher reporting cost for FXCM.It appears that there is a system or Expert Advisor (EA) applied to the account which is excessively modifying orders on the account resulting in this higher reporting cost for FXCM.Think of it as your full time unpaid assistance, that never takes a coffee break, and is only focused on providing the best of the best Harmonic Trade Opportunities.Whether you’re sleeping, partying, working, or all three, your trading account will automatically mirror the trades our experts make.I was dating a girl and she was bragging about how her boss was making ,000 a month in some business and that I should talk to him, so I did.He signed me up, and then my girlfriend, the very one who told me to speak to him, wanted me to quit because it was Amway!With that being said, the account will be locked effective immediately from the delivery of this notice to the email address on file.– Source i Markets Live Email Update They want you to move to unregulated Forex brokers to avoid these locked account problems.Up until recently, i Markets Live was being run as a recruiting scam.Endlessly recruiting people into the business opportunity and having representatives personally purchase the products to qualify for commissions was clearly the focus of the money making opportunity. There have been substantial changes to their compensation plan to become complaint with the law. What I find even more disturbing in this webinar, is how limited Christopher Terry’s knowledge is of how to demonstrate and use the tools his company is rolling out.

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