Dating a cancer survivor

With online dating, you can even reveal your situation before arranging a meeting.Making the disclosure earlier rather than later empowers people to feel they have control, to feel they’re doing this purposefully, and not at a point when it becomes unavoidable.Keep in mind that everyone is unique and carries baggage of some kind and this is only one part of you.You also should be prepared for negative reactions from people who aren’t emotionally mature enough to deal with a situation like this."It's hard enough to meet quality people who are interested in you and that you can connect with… " Janet S., a 60-year-old educator from Boston who went through two lumpectomies, chemo and radiation for her breast cancer in 1998, was similarly ambivalent about dating after her diagnosis."I felt like I really was damaged goods," she says.

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and Equally daunting is the idea of sharing your breast cancer battle scars — such as baldness, reconstruction scars, or missing or misshapen breasts — with a new romantic partner.And I said 'yes,' but then went on to explain the chemo to him," she recalls."He didn't write back." While other dates responded more positively when they were told up front about Yvette's diagnosis, she decided to stop sharing her cancer news until it was obvious there was some mutual chemistry going on."Surviving the words 'You have cancer' is enough to win a medal of honor.But to come out standing strong and moving forward with your life instead of living in a closet, that's a powerful woman — and you should be proud of yourself." feel like a superhero, there are always questions — especially with regard to when, exactly, you should spill the beans to others about the whole cancer thing.The big issue is when to disclose to people that you’ve had cancer: on the first date, or after some level of intimacy has been established.If you’re still in treatment or have obvious physical changes, you will probably need to talk about it sooner.Hide under a rock until your post-chemo hair grows back?Enter a nunnery instead of letting a man know your breasts may look a little different — or may not be there at all?Yvette M., a 40-year-old advertising executive from Sydney who had a double mastectomy and went through chemo in 2010, says she tried out different strategies for telling her dates about her diagnosis."Honesty is my middle name, so it's not information I kept under my hat — or wig — for too long," she says.

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  1. Speed Dating is all about asking questions and answering them with all honesty. ", how about trying these ten questions you can use in your speed dates that would really bring out the best in your date. What are you most passionate about What kind of movies/ music/ TV shows do you like? (note that you should not divulge you company name) What have you learned from your past relationship?