Dating and living at home

On the other hand, if he is dead broke and mooching off his mother; well, that’s a different story.

There is no need to entertain a man who isn’t trying to do something with his life.

Here are a few things to consider before you draw any conclusions due to the fact that he still lives with his mother.

There is nothing wrong with a man being smart with his money.

Again, as long as he has a plan and is doing what he is supposed to do to work through his transition, then all should be fine.

Some of you may be thinking, ‘what’s wrong with him wanting to inherit the house?

This study’s age groupings are skewed to cover young adults (starting at age 15), but still show the same thing: countries like Greece, Spain, France and the UK are all experiencing a marked rise in the number of children living with their parents. Millennials are often called the boomerang, kangaroo or Peter Pan generation — all allusions to our seeming inability to grow up and out of our childhood homes.’ Well, the problem is that if he is still living with his mother, he may have no plans on moving out at all!He may be thinking he is better off staying put and waiting for the inevitable or for his mother to relinquish the house.I equated living with my parents post-grad with a permanent, self-imposed failure to launch. A 2016 Pew Study found that 32.1% of adults between 18 and 34 live at home with their parents.The most preferred alternative was cohabiting with a romantic partner, trailed by people who had “other living arrangement(s)” — those living with a family member other than their parents, or with roommates or in group quarters.Women should always take a moment to understand why the man they are interested in is living with his mother before making any decisions.There is nothing wrong with women wanting men to have their own, but eliminating a man as a potential partner for the sole reason of living with his mother, may be a mistake.I’m not saying that all “momma’s boys” are men who will struggle in marriage, but they are very risky. Maybe he just moved to a new city and is trying to get situated.Maybe he is in the process of divorce and is at his mother’s for the time-being.It can be a very smart move financially to hold off on paying rent when you can stay home and save for your own house.So if he has a plan in place, the fact that he lives with his mother may start to look better.

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