Dating antique coffee grinders

We collect and sell antique coffee grinders or mills made by Arcade, Enterprise, Landers Frary & Clark, Parker, Steinfeld and other manufacturers.

We specialize in the wall mounted mills with glass hoppers or canister mills as these were sometimes included with the Hoosier Cabinets that make up the other part of our business (see link at bottom of page).

That’s not to say they haven’t had their When it comes to grinders, you can see from this antique Peugeot coffee mill to the left that this isn’t a far stretch from many of the modern coffee mills on the market today (check out our coffee mill page We think it would be fair to say that in addition to basically perfecting what has become the standard steel burr configuration that is used in most burr grinders today (see our section on burr grinders Of course, we are open to hearing any counter-arguments to our claims that we’ve made here, but we feel that our basis in these claims is quite sound when it comes to Peugeot and their influence on coffee grinders and coffee culture in general.

John Grinsell, Silver hall marked hob nail cut glass Victorian pepper mill or pepper grinder from Dunraven Gallery345.00Antique solid ebony pepper mill London 1915, Peugeot grinder249.00Capstan silver banded ivory pepper mill, Hukin & Heath, hallmarked 1928575.00VICTORIAN IVORY PEPPER MILLS AND IVORY PEPPER GRINDERS.

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While an antique coffee mill / grinder in excellent original condition is highly sought after by most collectors, I can't help looking for that neglected mill and restoring it to like brand new condition.

Additionally, there is a European Coffee Grinder club.

All of our hand operated coffee grinders are ready for you to use and enjoy in today's household.I will disclose all work I have done to any particular mill Our interest in antique coffee mills started during an extended power outage many years ago.We were faced with a jar full of beans, and an electric grinder that sat silently on our kitchen counter.In Turkey, having so many spices they like to grind at any given time, this requires a strong material which grinds coffee beans effectively, but also appeals to their sense of beauty and decoration, which is where both Copper, for instance, is a strong, naturally occurring substance which can be made into all varieties of shapes and sizes, while still being extremely durable.This explains the ornateness of some Turkish coffee products made from copper – they are very beautiful, but very tough as well.We mention the Turks here simply because of the curious fact that Turkish folk have their own types of coffee grinders that makes coffee the “Turkish” way, dating back centuries, which are considered by some to be highly innovative in their own rite (see our article on Turkish coffee grinding here) The way Turks sometimes look at it, “Turkish” style coffee is just To us, this notion of Turks having pioneered their own coffee revolution raises the question, what was it about the Peugeot model of coffee grinders that came along in the mid-1800s that made them especially innovative?Through the centuries, Turks have been using their own coffee and spice mills, so what did the Peugeot brothers do to add their special magic to the coffee grinder itself?However, if you plan on using your mill on a daily basis, I would recommend one with a cast iron body rather than a wooden one.While age has almost no negative effects on cast iron mills, over time the joints and nails in a wooden mill have a tendency to loose some of their original strength.With Peugeot, they initially started off with the creation of a steel foundry, where steel is produced and molded, which eventually became the hub of some of their most popular creations.Speaking about steel as a metal and as a material with which to design Grains, as well as oil-bearing seeds can be tough as nails, so to speak, which requires a milling / grinding device which can handle the job of crushing them effectively.

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