Dating athletes in college

The coach basically holds the athlete's livelihood in his hands; like I said the balance of power is completely out of whack. Many workplaces ban some inter-office relationships due to such reasons, not just out of fear of sexual harassment and gender discrimination lawsuits.

Likewise, if it is a collective of runners, either a pro or college group, the same notions of bias and preference will rear it's ugly head.

And if their parents have a clue, they will take issue as well.

Lots of 25 year olds date financially stable 45 year olds. The age difference is less "creepy" than being her coach.

The couple in my circle of friends that I'd call the most stable has a 17 or 18 year difference.

Some May-Septembers work some don't, some April-Aprils work some don't some October-Octobers work some don't. Worry about making your relationship work and don't worry about other folks choices of partners. If a 25 y/o runner hires a private coach and they hit it off to the point they want to date, they are grown ups; let them be.

Don't you guys have professional massage therapists?

5) The use of the word "nag" kind of leaves a weird misogynistic tint to the whole thing.

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Also, I have nothing against it, she was clearly an adult at the time capable of making decisions.

Also, this thread will get deleted because you used her name that the OP intentionally left off so that it wouldn't get deleted.

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