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Hi I am Vishakha Chandrakant from Class 10 and I am present here today as a participant for finance Olympiad level-3 Being here for this great function was a great opportunity for me and it feels as if I had achieved many things.Seeing this beautiful building was also a great thing for me.The experience was pretty good and it was actually my dream to enter into stock Exchange So the experience was amazing.I am here for the International Finance Olympaid final I had chosen commerce stream just to because I had been here from 10th standard I got prize this really motivate a lot. Hi, I am Manvi Bairathi and I participate in BSE third level finance Olympiad The Olympiad was quiet with organized and everything in the Bombay Stock Exchange was well organized and am happy with the arrangements.I really feel that the next generation should know about finance not only know about finance but work towards it for a better and good future in our country. first ever experience to mine is to coming to this big city and that to we got to come in BSE Building it is a historical building . The Olympiad was a very tough one but greatly organized.The same education system that has produced all of you.So in terms of capability have no doubt you are as capable as those Indian Scientists who are in the NASA.

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when I went on this stage heart was beating and butterflies flying in my stomach and then the question came I answered I knew the answers and that feeling is very best. First level was not quiet hard but second level was fully 30 minute with 30 questions and was quiet hard but still I managed. Well, I am Aditya Desai of of Leelawati Bhai Podar International School. I was selected for the finance Olympaid 3rd round .I thank this beautiful institution for letting us be here and give us this good opportunity to see all these. this time also It was a nice personal experience and really outstanding to be with people like Mr.Ambarish Dutta and Ashish Kumar Chouhan about whom we are reading for years.It is really a nice experience to be submerged to this atmosphere and it is really nice that we have got a nice platform today.Hello, I am Vishakha Bhatkar from Ambuja Vidya NIketan, Upparwahi.1,00,000/- along with a Winner’s Trophy and Olympiad 1st rank holder of class 11th will be awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 1st Olympiad rank holder from classes 1st to10th will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 2nd Olympiad rank holder in each class will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 3rd Olympiad rank holder in each class will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. All State Rank 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank holders of all classes will be awarded with exciting prizes.All participants will be awarded with the Student Participation Certificate (SPC).I wish to convey once again my good wishes to all the students and of course the organizers. In your own life times you are going to see momentous changes taken place in the realm of science & technology not only globally but even in our own country.Space exploration itself is going to be taken to a new level, and what does this does for you - It opens up for you very interesting pathways and career opportunities, and it is all for the bright students.For instance certificate will carry logo of the famous BSE (in case of BIFO) and the prestigious ISRO(in case of NSSO), making the certificate invaluable. So I would like to thank EHF for giving me this opportunity and also I would like to thank our principal Mrs Vaidehi Krishnan and the school management for giving me the opportunity to express my talent.Actually EHF helps to improve your skills in every subject you write so I would like to thank them and I am happy that I got a prize.

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