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Proceeds from the White House Correspondents’ Association annual dinner go toward scholarships and awards that recognize aspiring and accomplished journalists.

She is also known for her acclaimed work as a contributor on Comedy Central's Daily Show With Trevor Noah.

"I'm delighted to announce 'Nice Lady' Michelle Wolf as our featured entertainer this year," said Margaret Talev, president of the WHCA.

Visit the 2015 SLIDESHOW PAGE This slideshow features hundreds of images from the 2015 WHCA℠ dinner by J. Click the link above to go to the slideshow page, where you can launch the automated program or review selected images.

These photos are for personal, non-commercial use and may not be republished without express permission.

"It is a tremendous honor to be a part of such a historic event even though the president has chosen not to attend this year. Now more than ever, it is vital that we honor the First Amendment and the freedom of the press," said Minhaj.

The WHCA represents the White House press corps in its dealings with the administration and advocates for journalists' ability to see and report on the president and his staff.

"Hasan's smarts, big heart and passion for press freedom make him the perfect fit for our event, which will be focused on the First Amendment and the importance of a robust and independent media. Proceeds fund the organization and go toward scholarships and awards aimed at promoting aspiring journalists and recognizing excellence in the journalism profession.This FLASH SLIDESHOW features hundreds of images from the 2008 WHCA℠ dinner.Whether you attended the dinner, received an award, or simply want to see who was there and who they were with, this slideshow offers a good overview of the festivities.Auctions and raffles of WHCA DINNER tickets designed to raise money for other organizations or for commercial purposes are against the policy of the WHCA.WHCA™ MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS/RENEWALS New membership applications and renewals are accepted ONLY from August 1 - March 1 of each calendar year. Calvert and protected under United States and International copyright laws.CONTACT For more information, please contact Jeff Mason at [email protected] WHCA™ members and their organizations are eligible to purchase tickets for the annual dinner.The slideshow contains more than 200 candid photographs of the reception and dinner ceremonies by photojournalist Brendan Smialowski.Flash player and a javascript-enabled browser required.WATCH THE 2008 SLIDESHOWAt the annual dinner, the White House Correspondents’ Association presented awards to journalists. ORG is hosting a VIDEO ARCHIVE of past WHCA℠ dinners dating back to the 90s.President Bush made humorous after-dinner remarks in his last speech to the organization. Their coverage includes guests' arrivals, as well as the President's speech, awards presentations, scholarships, and entertainment.

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