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Anglepoise now only make the Giant 1227 lamp in the UK. Sadly, the last blanket mill in Witney has now closed.All their other lights are made in China under license. Witney Blankets were not made by a single company or business but by lots of separate individuals and firms over the years.In December 1988 the use of the Hammersley and Palissy trade names ceased and in 1989 Palissy closed and the factory was demolished.The Palissy Company and the Hammersley trade name were sold to Aynsley China in 1989. Royal Worcester and Spode are now owned by Portmeirion.There’s an interesting article here entitled “Henry Heath’s Top Hats – an Extravagant Concoction” and another here about top hat etiquette. Today’s Royal Sovereign pencils are foreign made and are not the same company, just the same name. I own this beautiful box of pencils in the below picture. BBC news states that Quiltex had already taken over Early’s of Witney by the time the Witney factory closed.On the box it says – “Wolff’s Royal Sovereign British Made Pencils”. After 2002 when Quiltex bought Earlys of Witney the blankets were produced at their factory in Derbyshire, and the company traded as Quiltex Earlys.

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————————- Henry Heath’s The factory building remains, just behind Oxford Street and I don’t know when they closed. The nemesis of Witney Blankets was probably the introduction of widespread central heating, the rise in popularity of the duvet and cheap imports.I am pretty sure they will not get this kind of longevity from their Chinese made products. HP still use an image of the House of Commons on their bottles, which of course they should not.————————- The last two cigarette factories in UK are to close.A small Hammersley vase (about 5″ tall) with a wild strawberries design.Marked on the base “Bone China Hammersley Made in England” with an acorn and a crown marking and the numbers “20-3”. Ballinger was a brand of Nater Workwear (AKA Khush Workwear) and until recently (2013) they had their own factory manufacturing quality country wear in the UK, but sadly they are no longer a manufacturer and are just a retailer.This page is about companies that you might expect to manufacture in the UK but actually manufacture abroad and companies who used to manufacture in the UK but do not anymore and British manufacturing companies that have closed down.————————– Standard Fireworks, once one of Yorkshire’s largest employers and, together with Scotland’s Brock Fireworks (an older but smaller company dating back to the early 1700s) who they purchased in 1988, the mainstay of British fireworks and a household name, were purchased by China’s Black Cat Fireworks in 1998 and the factory closed and production was moved to China.Cigarette maker JTI Gallaher (now Japanese owned) is to shut its factory in County Antrim by around 2016. Old Holborn is a brand of hand rolling tobacco produced by Richard Lloyd & Sons (a subsidiary of Gallaher Group which itself is a subsidiary of Japan Tobacco). This Morfed (South Wales) Limited British Army Tin Opener was made in Great Britain in 1974.Cigarette companies have been quietly shutting down other factories in the UK, for example Gallaher shut its Oldham factory in around 2000, its Belfast plant in 1988 and its Port Talbot cigar factory in Wales in 1994. Sadly Morfed (South Wales) Ltd ceased trading around 1980.They had some old stock left on e Bay and on their website at the end of 2013.—————————————– Hotpoint was a British manufacturer of domestic domestic appliances (white goods).

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