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I like to take a more Gestalt perspective of the dynamic beyond the components of the individuals coming together in it. Why does it feel like a break up when you've only been friends for 10 years (and just friends)? just a little frustrated when you express your thoughts and the other blames you for not trying anything in the first place. I was sad because I lost someone who never really existed when my blindness finally wore off. A great article but isn't the dynamic the blockage to achieving a false dream?Before then I could have my dream but when the heat cooled the mirage just cleared and left another deserted road to a place I simply did not want to visit. We are upset because we feel cheated as reality blows away our initial magic spell which Cupid casts without warning.However, it is also true that people hurt each other in relationships, whether they want to or not.It's part of being human, and it does say something about the fundamental worth of people: Humans are imperfect.Second, and this is an extreme benefit to many, there’s an element of discreetness that can’t be beat.But for adults, and those who are of consenting age, sexting can be a fun and harmless way to have some erotic fun.Sometimes when we think about the bad times, and why they happened, we can learn things about ourselves and grow as people.There are vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, casein-free, fish-free, egg-free, legume-free, nut-freeand shelfish-free options for those who have requested it and fruit is always available for dessert.

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Typically, these types of blame are also distortions of the truth.

In my experience, being in a relationship or being married have very little to do with either desirability or worth.

Couples therapist John Gottman has observed that in every relationship disagreement, there are two valid points of view, not just one. Indeed, every relationship is really two relationships.

When people try to manage their emotions, one of the first things they do is try to figure out the cause of these feelings so they can predict or control them in the future.

The person who is being broken up with may either blame themselves ("what did I do wrong?

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