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What you're watching is as much an attack on our homelands as the self-driving truck on the undocumented road or the moe-ham-head slashers.

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They had said "there was no link with political affairs", he added.

Tunisian social media users have slammed the travel measures against women from their country as "discriminatory" and "humiliating".

The Gulf visitors forfeited two games after Emirates received instructions to deny Tunisian women access to its planes over a feared "terrorist attack" involving a woman carrying a Tunisian passport.

In response, the North African country on Sunday halted Emirates flights between Tunis and Dubai.

Legacy English chuckle in the background at the absurdity of this "story." Laugh or cry, those are the choices.

Kristyn Macready) EP-ing her Indie doesn't mean the series is rolling in dough.

It's approaching a six-digit view count and the budget is economical, so hopes for a second season are high - but if you're a fan of the show, and want more, then tell your friends to check it out!

Political analyst Hamza Meddeb said the tensions between Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates were linked in part to Tunisia not choosing sides in the Gulf region's worst crisis in years.

The UAE was among a group of countries to sever ties with Qatar in June over its alleged support for Islamist extremism and close ties to Iran. Meddeb said the United Arab Emirates wanted to discourage ruling party Nida Tounes from allying with Islamist party Ennahda ahead of local elections in May.

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