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" Whenever clergymen speak in the film, they seem to be speaking from their own private universe. The viewer also rarely gets to hear the questions asked by the director, which lends the film greater immediacy.With great subtlety, Sudabeh Mortezai manages to capture a number of different situations that reveal the alienation of society from the clergy.Even if Western commentators would sometimes like to think so: Iran is just not that simple.could be regarded as the peg on which the director has hung her image of Iran. We must remain aware, though, that even this picture is ultimately nothing more than a single part of what can be called the "reality" of such a complex country.Marian Brehmer watched the film It is said that Muhammad once advised his followers to enter into temporary marriages while travelling.

For their part, the Sunnis accuse the Shia of encouraging prostitution under the pretence of sighe." Is this some kind of a third-rate think tank? Sunnis don't believe it was Umar RA who banned the practice, they believe an-Nabi(S) allowed it for a short time then banned it.This is why his ex-"Torn between the conflicting demands of the law, private life and social conventions": Sudabeh Morterzai's documentary "In the Bazaar of Sexes" provides fascinating insights to one aspect of what is the highly complex reality of life in the Islamic Republic of Iran ​​ Dismal state of mind Later, we meet the bachelor again, this time with another man. It is important to note that was shot over three years ago, at a time of crippling sanctions and tremendous inflation that further increased the already enormous pressure on Iran's population.They are standing in an empty apartment and talking about women. Next time, he says, he wants an uneducated woman, "a housewife type". The film makes palpable how Iranians are torn between the conflicting demands of the law, private life and social conventions.In Arabic, this practice of temporary marriage is called . A middle-aged mullah in a black turban and cloak sits behind a desk.He seems to be extremely well versed in the matters he's being questioned on."That is problematic," the mullah says hesitantly, unable to suppress a grin as he points out the moral issue at stake.The problems facing middle-aged men like the taxi driver from Isfahan are the focus of another scene.There is, for example, the young mullah on a taxi ride from Tehran to Qom, the city known as a training ground for clerics in the Islamic Republic.When the driver puts on a pop music CD ("move your hips"), his passenger requests silence.At the same time, however, it sheds a more nuanced light on the Iranian clergy, introducing us to a wide range of different characters: from the young cleric who is often unsure of himself, to the smug mullah in the robe, to the bearded ayatollah in Qom.In the course of practising their tradition-steeped profession, they are all confronted with a reality that increasingly challenges their leadership.

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