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Knowing them may allow you to sidestep the pitfalls (or at least some of them!) and find a more direct route to a successful relationship.In case you haven’t noticed the trend yourself -whether it’s happening with your friends, colleagues, or in your own relationship- it seems that in recent years, the promise of “‘Till death do us part” is often likely to expire when couples reach their fifties and sixties. Nobody seems to know the exact reasons behind this, but we’ll leave that to the psychologists and surveyors.

And keep in mind, whatever the stats may be about remarrying, you’re at a stage of your life where your goals don’t have to be compared with those of someone in their twenties.

The film costars Ilenia Pastorelli in the role of Luna, a young, brash working-class woman who applies for the job at Guglielmo's shop.

Luna brings a new energy and vitality into his life with her exuberance and introduces him to the world of online dating.

And there’s an almost equal number of men and women online looking for love, according to Statistic Brain.

In addition, you’ll be in good company, age-wise: Huffington Post reports that “those ages 50 and older are one of the fastest growing segments among [e Harmony’s] more than 33 million users worldwide,” and the trend is similar on “25 percent of its members are between 50 and 65.

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