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Data on eating disorders within the Jewish community, and especially the Orthodox community, is nearly impossible to find.

A 2011 report cited an unpublished 1996 study of an Orthodox high school in Brooklyn, where eating disorders among girls in the school were reported to be about 50 percent higher than the national rate at the time.

Any overweight woman could have told you that the majority of men prefer skinny women. You can see it in our print media, TV, movies, and in the opinions of the "average" Joe on the street. So women feel that they have to do everything they can to comply to society's standards or risk being unloved for the rest of their lives.

But as the AOL Personals article points out, these Most Wanted Women are getting tons of emails every day - I know of women who get upwards of 20 emails a day from men who are interested in them.

History has shown us that time and time again, the hourglass figure is the most sought-after trait in a prospective sexual partner.

The list of stunningly sexy fuller-figured celebrities is long, and the ladies who adorn it are worshipped by weak-kneed men the world over for their delectable feminine curves.

Even if you're not thinking about dating when you're a five year old, there's an immense amount of pressure to think about your size for [future] dating,” she says.

“[They think] if you're chubby when you're five, it will be hard to grow out of it, and you're going to be a fat 18 year old.”According to the Pew Research Center, 68 percent of Orthodox Jews and 75 percent of Haredi (the most traditionally observant) Jews in America marry at the age of 24 or younger, compared to 33 percent of the overall population of Jewish Americans.

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