Dating xmas gifts

🙂 Think of favorite places that you used to go together in the past, or things that you have talked about doing that just never seem to happen.

You could also leave a few “mystery months” in there and plan something extra special too!

The activities can be as extravagant or as low key as you would like.

Really it is just some dedicated time that you will be setting aside each month, to spend some time together.

Just remember to actually write the dates on your calendar so you don’t forget to actually do them!

And if you don’t have enough time to put one together for Christmas, you can always save it for a Valentine’s Day Gift Idea!

Include a family movie or game night, a trip to the zoo, dinner of their choice, an outing to your library to pick out some books, or any other activities that you enjoy doing together. To get your own printables, just click on the links below.

” My dad yells from the living room.“You got engaged at two months,” I yell back.“So?

Instead of giving an actual present, put together 12 activities that you and your loved one can do together – one for each month of the year.

I did this last year for my husband, but you could also do it for your children or a really good friend or family member that you would like to spend more time with.

You could always just pay as you go though if it is easier on the budget.

Don’t limit this little gift idea for just your spouse though – it is a great gift for the kids and can help cut down on all of that toy clutter!

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