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(10) “Antimicrobial Hand or Body Cleaner or Soap” means a cleaner or soap which is designed to reduce the level of microorganisms on the skin through germicidal activity, and is regulated as an over-the-counter drug by the U. “Antimicrobial Hand or Body Cleaner or Soap” does not include prescription drug products, antiperspirants, “Astringent/Toner,” deodorant, “Facial Cleaner or Soap,” “General-use Hand or Body Cleaner or Soap,” “Hand Dishwashing Detergent” (including antimicrobial), “Heavy-duty Hand Cleaner or Soap,” “Medicated Astringent/Medicated Toner,” and “Rubbing Alcohol.” (11) “Anti-Static Product” means a product that is labeled to eliminate, prevent, or inhibit the accumulation of static electricity.

“Anti-Static Product” does not include “Electronic Cleaner,” “Floor Polish or Wax,” “Floor Coating,” and products that meet the definition of “Aerosol Coating Product” or “Architectural Coating.” (12) “Architectural Coating” means a coating applied to stationary structures and their appurtenances, to mobile homes, to pavements, or to curbs.

“Air Freshener” does not include products that are used on the human body, products that function primarily as cleaning products as indicated on a product label, “Odor Remover/Eliminator,” or “Toilet/Urinal Care Product.” (8) “All Other Carbon‑Containing Compounds” means all other compounds which contain at least one carbon atom and are not a “Table B” or a “LVP-VOC.” (9) “All Other Forms” means all consumer product forms for which no form‑specific VOC standard is specified.

Unless specified otherwise by the applicable VOC standard, “all other forms” include, but are not limited to, solids, liquids (which includes the liquid containing or liquid impregnated portion of the cloth or paper wipes (towelettes), wicks, powders, and crystals. “Antimicrobial Hand or Body Cleaner or Soap” includes, but is not limited to, (A) antimicrobial hand or body washes/cleaners, (B) foodhandler hand washes, (C) healthcare personnel hand washes, (D) pre-operative skin preparations and (E) surgical scrubs.

(B) “ Gasket or Thread Locking Adhesive Remover” means a product designed or labeled to remove gaskets or thread locking adhesives.

(15) “Automotive Hard Paste Wax” means an automotive wax or polish which is: (A) designed to protect and improve the appearance of automotive paint surfaces; and (B) a solid at room temperature; and (C) contains 0% water by formulation.

Reactive adhesives include adhesives that require a hardener or catalyst in order for the bond to occur.

Examples of reactive adhesives include, but are not limited to:epoxies; urethanes; silicones.

“Aerosol Product” does not include “Pump Spray.” (6) “Agricultural Use” means the use of any pesticide or method or device for the control of pests in connection with the commercial production, storage or processing of any animal or plant crop.

“Agricultural Use” does not include the sale or use of pesticides in properly labeled packages or containers which are intended for: (A) Home use, (B) Use in structural pest control, or (C) Industrial or Institutional use.

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