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I went along with the scam - wanted him to give permission for me to contact the airline that he flew over on (airline would not release a yes he was on that flight or no he wasn't - have to protect the scammer).

He refused to give permission - I didn't trust him.

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Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake.He also goes by the name James Candam He only went by Charles Jason with me. I am trying to find out who the person is in the picture he uses on facebook, lavalife and the ones he sent to my email.Does anyone know how I can contact the poor guy who's picture is being used? We emailed, did google.hangouts,etc After 1 month, he was professing his love for me, etc.He has a problem at the rig in Alaska, one of his vital team members trying to get cell service fell and had to go to hospital. I had to do the email as he said there was no internet..could only text.I email this engineer Stevens Green and he replies very quickly stating he just finished a job in Dubai but wont go to the site until payment is secured. since then I have blocked him from my email and cell phone.I've been talking to a stunning looking young woman I met online.She said she was a student working on a project with WHO and got stranded in Nigeria.He, too, took a 6 week contractor job in the Baltic Sea.His drill broke and he told me he had already purchased one in PA, but could I pay for the shipping fee of 00.He was an oil geologist, whose wife had died 6 years earlier from ovarian cancer.Said he was deeply religious (Catholic) and had a daughter going to college in Leeds, England.

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