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This bottling originates from old Grand Cru vines planted on hilly south facing slopes on the Mandelberg, one of Alsace’s best exposed and warmest sites.

Crisp, clean and brilliantly fresh, this is a wine capable of improving in the bottle, developing finesse and complexity for at least ten years.

Fermented and matured in large, neutral oak casks, these grapes originate in the villages of Kiedrich and Eltville.

Light silvery color, this Trocken features green apple, clean fresh peach and mineral notes. VON KESSELSTATT, SCHARZHOFBERGER KABINETT, MOSEL 2O15 From the cool climate Saar, a tributary of the Mosel, this is a wine with crystalline minerality and an enticing bouquet of white flowers.

Dry Riesling and raw shellfish are wonderful as well. If it’s German, that’s easy: it will say Trocken, Halb-Trocken or Classic.

In Austria the Federspeil or Smaragd designation denotes dryness. Alsace and Australia generally make bone dry Rieslings, unless specifically indicated on the label. The following wines are high on my current list of recommended drier style Rieslings that you can buy to serve now with food, or hang onto in your cellar.

Round and savory, with a mouthwatering saline quality, it’s a special match for Arctic Char with a lemon butter sauce.

TRIMBACH “CUVEE M”, ALSACE 2O13 The house of Trimbach, now in its 13th generation as proprietors, makes absolutely steely Riesling of pristine purity and precision.

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One of the first points I make in my educational seminars is that Riesling is able to range the full spectrum from bone dry to luscious dessert nectar and everything in between.The region tends to produce elegant wines with spicy fragrances, marked acidity and lush flavor.Founded in 1875, Weingut Robert Weil is actually among the Rheingau’s younger wine estates producing nothing but SANDY BLOCK, MW IT’S A NEVER CEASING SOURCE of amazement how marginalized Riesling remains in the market.Restaurants and stores featuring dramatically lesser quality white grapes continue to underrepresent Riesling. The most common answer is that it’s perceived as being too sweet.Unless otherwise designated (V de T, or SGN) Alsace makes quintessentially dry Riesling, and Master of Wine Olivier Humbrecht has been among its foremost oenologists for decades.The Herrenweg vineyard (or the “Road of the Soldiers”) in Turckheim is a slightly warmer terroir than surrounding sites, with sandy, pebbly, clay silt soils, that Humbrecht fashions into an intriguingly lemon and apple-scented wine with dramatic peach pit minerality.It all depends on the intention of the winemaker, but the stylistic range is astonishing.What you should get with any Riesling is moderate alcohol, prominent fruit acidity and aromas redolent of the garden.So you live in New York or are visiting soon and you want to know the best date night restaurants?No matter how long you’ve been together, what you’re celebrating or what you’re doing, Manhattan has a big array of dining options to make whatever evening you’re looking to have…

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