Egypt dating customs

This event was recognized as being very important because the reappearance of Sothis after a period of seventy days' invisibility originally marked the emergence of the New Year and later was thought of as the ideal rebirth of the land.Most of the festivals took place were fixed within the civil calendar.

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Hence, during the historical period, there were actually two separate Wagy feasts, one set according to the cycle of the moon and a later one firmly placed at day eighteen of the first civil month.

This event was connected with the mortuary rituals of ancient Egypt and was celebrated by private individuals outside of official religious circles as well as within the precincts of the major temples in Egypt.

Our first evidence of this celebration is from the 4th Dynasty, making it one of the oldest in ancient Egypt.

Its duration of twenty-seven days in the 20th Dynasty shows how significant the celebration became.

However, we know virtually nothing about the celebration prior to the 18th Dynasty and the rise of Thebes.

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