Energy detective not updating

T=0" self.debug Log("Checking URL " the Url) try: f = urllib2.urlopen(the Url) except: self.error Log("Error getting ted6000 data: %s" % (device.plugin Props["address"])) return the Xml = TED6000 = ET.parse(urllib2.urlopen(the Url)) Dash Data = TED6000.find('Dash Data') Power Now_Total = Dash Data.findtext('Now') Power TDY_Total = Dash Data.findtext('TDY') Power MTD_Total = Dash Data.findtext('MTD') Power AVG = Dash Data.findtext('Avg') Voltage Now_Total = Dash Data.findtext('Voltage') Started plugin "TED 5000 Plugin 1.0.5" TED 5000 Plugin Debug Method: startup TED 5000 Plugin Debug version Check: Started TED 5000 Plugin Debug version Check: Version Server Url: Plugins/TED5000/version Info TED 5000 Plugin Your plugin version, v1.0.5, is current.

TED 5000 Plugin Debug Starting device: TED Home Pro TED 5000 Plugin Debug Updating device: TED Home Pro TED 5000 Plugin Debug Checking URL Data.xml?

T= Plugin Error exception in device Start Comm(TED Home Pro): 'None Type' object has no attribute 'findtext' TED 5000 Plugin Debug Starting concurrent thread TED 5000 Plugin Polling Interval: 30In case anybody's interested I've crudely hacked Nick's plugin to support the TED 6000 (TED Pro). Let me know how it goes as I do not have a TED Pro.

It's not a dual-stack -- it will only work with the 6000.

Your real-time and historical data can be viewed on your computer by the Gateway's Ethernet connection and its embedded Footprints Firmware (Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible).

Upgrading will also perform a “Reset Totals to Zero,” (this will reset Monthly Totals but not affect History).Nearly half of the single women polled had been alone for more than three years, whereas for single men this was only 27 percent.Nearly two-thirds of singles said they longed to be in a committed relationship, and 19 percent (most of them men) said they were more interested in a one night stand or an affair.See the TED 5000 in action - click here “Smart Meters" are designed primarily for the electric utility industry so they can better manage the supply-and-demand of electricity.TED is designed specifically for you, the customer; so that one can better manage and lower the use and costs of electricity. It stores 60 minutes of Second-data, 2 days of Minute-data, 90 days of Hourly-data, 24 months of Daily-data, and 10 years of Monthly-data and provides the communications interface to your computer.Al hacer clic o navegar en el sitio, aceptas que recopilemos información dentro y fuera de Facebook mediante las cookies.def update(self,device): self.debug Log("Updating device: " the Url = u" device.plugin Props["address"] "/api/Dash Data.xml?Serious injury/death could occur if you are not familiar with electrical components and operation of the circuit breaker panel.It is a very simple installation for an electrician.Conducted by the online dating agency Parship, it was found that 41% of those asked, when they argue with their partner, can easily let their emotions run away with them.The survey also shows that, among people who react emotionally in the event of conflict, the nature of the emotional outburst differs widely: 40% rapidly take offence and stop speaking to their partner; around a third give vent to their anger and labour their point until their partner gives in, and around one in five withdraw from the argument, leaving the room or the house.

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