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So if you’re doing rainbow order, the first pan should have red, then orange, then yellow, and now the purple, blue and green go into the second pan.

Since kids don’t really need fat-free anything, there’s no need to use the soda recipe if you don’t like the idea, and if you don’t like dye, don’t make this for dinner for them every night for a month.

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Just make a regular cake and then put food colouring in it, it will look the same, promise.

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I can use Pay Pal to get cash out of the card and into my bank account, so what I have been doing is waiting until the bill is due (a new billing cycle) and taking out that amount with Pay Pal, then using the cash to pay it off, plus adding in my own money to try and reduce the balance a little.No, the food colouring has nothing to do with the failure of your cake.Drop in your first three colours, then work on the other pan with the last three colours.You baked it too long/didn’t grease enough/didn’t bake long enough/moved it before it was cool.I just don’t want to answer any more emails about it.Not bad considering that a comparable cake would be 14 points.My cake burnt/stuck to the pan/was underdone/crumbled.Edit 2 (two weeks later) A note to Weight Watchers (the people on the diet, not the company): WW has long advertised 1/12 of a cake mix with diet soda to be a “one point cupcake.” I have no idea why they insist this is the case when according to the “as packaged” nutrition information, this much cupcake has 170 calories, 3g fat and no fiber .Edit 3 (two months later) FAQ Here are questions I get over and over again about this cake.You don't have all the time in the world to mess with long, complicated, and nosy forms.That's why our system features one of the simplest and easiest forms to fill in the world of online dating.

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