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Modern Mobile Phone on plain black background Speed-Dating.Metaphor for speed dating Man caught in the act of cheating over the internet on computer.

Detailed view of word sex on computer keyboard Video chat. A young caucasian woman face down in bed using a smartphone and a succession of numbers one and zero for the binary code Man with tablet and text sextortion.This is from Yumine Guo, producer of much fine femdom art.After all my tinkering with it today, I’m just hoping my webserver isn’t quietly thinking the same thing this lady is.I’ve now re-applied the changes, hopefully for good. Talking of comments, I have to give a shout out to Bacchus at Eros Blog for this amazing comment.I sometimes play amateur detective when trying to track down an image attribution, but he’s doing some Sherlock Holmes level shit to track a random image I found on tumblr to the clip it came from.Man caught in the act of love scam cheating over the internet on computer by a woman, cyber web Icon.The man icon on the wall Night Couple Portrait - Sitting.Room studio details Keyboard buttons with the word SEX. Closeup of a young caucasian man watching a nude woman in his tablet computer and the word sextortion in the foreground Cybersex.The word sex is written in a keyboard for everyone in view Internet sex. Photo of Pink Chat on white background Aroused man with tongue stuck out watching porn. A condom package on a laptop keyboard representing issues of cybersex, online dating and pornography Sexy blonde woman in glasses online flirt in office. Photo of Interlove on white background Set love red icons. Vector illustrations, red silhouettes isolated on white background Sexy legs.The relationship between webmaster and website should be a D/s one.I issue clear instructions, and it should quietly and efficiently comply.

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