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She realizes that the girl from earlier stole it from her and throws a fit, baffled by how she could have taken it without Ellie noticing.A moment later, she notices an amputated finger near the wheel of the jeep and is quick to imagine the fight that must have occurred.Ignoring the question, Riley asks if Ellie ever thinks about her future.Ellie assumes she is being facetious and inquires if she means future as seen in science fiction.The two manage to escape the building and cross the yard without being noticed.Climbing over the fence, Ellie asks how the girl knew her name.She dismisses the girl when she tries to give her advice on how to function in the Quarantine Zone, inquiring whether or not she looked like she needed help.

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Ellie provokes them, but is saved by a teenage girl as their leader prepares to attack her.

Ellie was born sometime after the outbreak of the fungal pandemic.

As a result, she grew up in an oppressive military Quarantine Zone in Boston, Massachusetts, with little knowledge of the world before infection.

She dumps the water on the tire and goes to confront the girl about her Walkman.

In the mess hall, Ellie demands that the Walkman be returned to her, but the girl feigns ignorance.

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