Geun suk and shin hye dating

There have been a lot of scripts which have been sent to us and I’ve split them between me and my manager to read. Actually I had wanted to try a romantic comedy like You’re beautiful.

The red string means that you are tied or bound to this one person you are meant to be with…

It seems that my mum knows Shin hye’s age and zodiac sign and went to have to checked out by a fortuneteller. I was attracted to the girlfriends I’ve had in the past when I first laid my eyes on them. Last year ot was Han Hye Jin but lately I like someone like soo Ae.

Even though I seem to be an open guy, i’m actually quite conservative. I've been kinda disappointed with the amount of readers following Kpop Rants on Twitter recently so I wanna know what keeps YOU from following the blog?

I've shot a kissing scene before with shin hye before in a cosmetic cf before.

That time it was a deep kiss so this time during the drama, it seems like there wasn't any pressure.

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