Houston dating herpes

Once applied, it kills the virus on contact and clears it up within 2 days. Any perticular food habits that we have to carry on for a good immune system.It decreases your outbreaks until you have no more. Can we have sex when we have a outbreak as both of us are infected.

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I am afraid I will scare him away, and I really like this guy. It is difficult to tell someone that you want to become intimate with, but you have to if you decide to commit to them.The truth is however that you do have Herpes and it would be wrong to not tell him.It seems like the best thing you could do is to educate yourself as much as possible as to the facts of the virus so you can speak intelligently with him.I am sure it has been answered before; but i just found out (today) that i have one and two and that according to my lab work that i have had it for a while...i show no symtoms.I just reunited (this weekend) with a old high school "friend".I am having lots of anxiety about it and don't want to hurt him. I think the actual anxiety of "having the talk" is worse than actually telling them.Also, there is this new ointment that came out called Choraphor.i found out about 5 days ago and have felt so bad, so bad. i guess, i'm not to consurned about the genital aspect right now, i'm just concerned about the visible aspect when i'm hanging out with friends. I just reunited (this weekend) with a old high school "friend".i don't know who to tell or just to keep it inside. I am so scared and nervous i dont know what i can take or what i can/cannot do. My own doctor just told me i showed up positive for both but gave me no direction or advise..he told me is that there is no cure... Can some one help me to understand the question of "what do i do now" Lab work can not show how long you have had herpes, therefore you dont know if you've had it for awhile.I can understand the concerns about being with friends and not wanting any visible signs (if you have HSV1), I know there are things on the market to help keep cold sores at bay.I do not have HSV1 so haven't done much research to give you good advice.

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