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In a traumatic 11 minutes of public searching, Cammack claims that the officers “body-slammed” Corley and pulled off her pants in a Texaco parking lot, which was followed by placing “both ankles behind her ears spread eagle position and started to search for something in Miss Coley’s cavity in her vaginal area.” In an interview with Fox Houston, Harris County prosecutor Natasha Sinclair weighed in on whether this type of behavior constituted a criminal offense.

It should never have happened and unfortunately we are in the business of prosecuting criminal offenses and though it may not be criminal, it doesn’t mean she won’t receive justice,” Sinclair continued.

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ACMs are commonly construed as trafficked pornographers or (digital) prostitutes.“Why are you prepared to come in with your gun drawn?

My friend had her 2-year-old on her lap just a few feet away from where Chapo was shot,” Pedregon said.

The nation waited for weeks with bated breath anticipating the calf's arrival.

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Per Fox Atlanta, it has been two years since the traffic stop incident and since then, two of the Harris County Deputies involved have been cleared of any criminal charges while a third was never charged.

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In particular, because ACMs do not necessarily identify as sex workers, they are unwilling to move to other forms of sex work.

However, dash cam footage of the traffic stop was recently released, explicitly showing just how disturbing these turn of events are.“A 21-year-old African-American, female, college student, had never had any criminal history never been in trouble,” said Corley’s attorney, Sam Cammack.

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