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I just never did feel comfortable with those big ol’ heavy boots, the hat and the guitar around me… I was a big fan of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Also, I thought, I was covering up my assets, with the guitar and all that garb on!

Jackson: You have to realize, back then, all the girls wore what was called "cowboy suits." Full skirts with maybe some fringe on it, a shirt and maybe a cowboy hat… I need more glamour." We came up with tight skirts, silky fringe and high heels.

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Fox News: Tell us about your relationship with Elvis Presley. So we didn’t see each other except on the tours that we did together. I would tell him, "I can’t do that Elvis because I’m just a country singer! I can’t sing that stuff." And he said, "I know you could if you try." He made me promise that I would try. When I moved to Capitol Records, that’s when I recorded one of my first rock ‘n’ roll songs, "I Gotta Know." It was especially written for me.

Jackson: He asked me to be his girl and I had his ring.

While the Mississippi-born crooner would go on to become the hip-swiveling king of rock ’n’ roll, his former girlfriend would thrive on her own as the tantalizing rockabilly queen.

The Oklahoma native, now 80, is a celebrated music icon and a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer who still tours and continues to captivate new, younger fans.

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Also take into account the fact that Wade’s claim rests on whether a judge will allow his court action to continue or not, and you have a very shaky foundation on which to base the assumption that Wade is greedy.

And he said, "I’m never coming back." And he never did. When I did go back, I wasn’t dressing that way anymore. Jackson: I wasn’t too afraid because I knew the songs I was doing were OK.

Were you ever worried this would impact the way fans saw you?

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