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It is illegal to own a handgun, and even ceremonial swords must be registered with the police.

The country enjoys the second lowest homicide rate in the world, behind only Monaco (a country about half the size of New York’s Central Park).

There is no precise explanation to account for the rise in hikikomori, though there are several known contributing factors, including the rise of the internet, intense academic pressures, and parents willing to shelter their children well into adulthood.

Psychiatrists (many of whom are forced to make house calls to visit their patients), have only recently set upon the task of helping the group dubbed by some as “the missing million.” Although legends of the Yakuza are prevalent, crime rates are particularly low in Japan.

Although Earth’s population is rising at an exponential rate, the Japanese are slowly dying off behind an aging infrastructure.

Compounding the problem is a growing problem: the shut-in “hikikomori.” To be sure, every society is home to a small number of people who could be described as “reclusive”—though most of these recluses tend to be older individuals, marked with mental illnesses such as depression and agoraphobia.

Unlike the rest of the world, which features only a milk chocolate version, Japan maintains dozens of exotic flavors, such as grilled corn, miso, camembert cheese, baked potato, and soy sauce.

Sometimes the bodies are left for so long that they self-mummify.

There are even companies which specialize in cleaning out the apartments of people who have succumbed to such a fate—even dealing with the grisly “kodokushi stains” left behind by a rotting body.

These people often go undiscovered, sometimes for months or even years—a phenomenon known as “kodokushi”, the lonely deaths.

Thousands of cases occur in Japan each year, especially among men who have few social ties.

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