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Because it’s so rooted in tradition, you might assume Shidduch would be packed with rules and procedures. But Anna Richlin, the former owner of Chai Connections, a version of Shidduch she adapted for modern non-Orthodox Jewish singles, explains that the hurdles are actually a feature, not a bug.“What I was trying to do is offer more of a personalized touch,” she tells me.

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In strictly Orthodox Jewish circles, dating is limited to the search for a marriage partner.

I posed variations on this question to professional matchmakers, people living successful arranged marriages, and dating app developers, trying to discern whether the future of dating lies in traditions that predate Silicon Valley by thousands of years.

‘Cause why do all this demoralizing work when there’s mom or Aunt Sylvia? In Jewish Orthodox communities, Shidduch is a process where singles connect through a , or a matchmaker.

In our generation, the number of people awaiting marriage is very large relative to the number of those in previous generations.

Rabbi Zamir Cohen explains the main causes of delay, and provides both natural and spiritual solutions The definition of love is: A pure desire by the one who loves, that his beloved will experience happiness.

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