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"It was all going to stand or fall based on Don."Hamm was put through a grueling audition process that required him to come in, by his own estimation, seven to eight times, including once for an 8 a.m.

read in the middle of a rainstorm, as well as a whirlwind trip to New York to meet with skeptical AMC executives."It was one of those things where, you're only as good as your last audition, and it just takes one bad one to kind of mess it all up," Hamm recalls.

First, I am full of doubts about the circumstances surrounding George Clooney’s engagement.

We all know "Mad Men" stars Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss are close.

"I was just hoping I wasn't going to have a bad audition."The casting directors and creator Matt Weiner fell in love with the unknown actor immediately, but the AMC executives took a little more convincing."We felt like we hit the jackpot when we met Jon," according to casting director Kim Miscia.

But AMC's senior vice president of original programming, Christina Wayne, watched Hamm's audition on tape rather than in person and had a different view.

After all, they have worked together for nine years now.

But we saw just how close they really are at the very first People Magazine Awards Thursday when Moss gave a truly touching speech about her longtime co-star before he accepted the award for TV Performance of the Year by an actor.

All I ever wanted to do for nine years in scenes with him was make him proud of me." (Video via People Magazine Awards clips provided by dick clark productions, inc.)Fans on Twitter couldn't get enough of the sweet moment between Moss and Hamm.asked Jon Hamm about the rumors that he and co-star Elisabeth Moss are secretly dating, the actor did tell the magazine that he's still very happy with longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt — even though he's in L. and she's doing a play in New York City: "I'm back [in NYC] every two weeks. “I saw them at Disneyland on Easter,” an eyewitness at the Anaheim, California theme park told . They were walking around the park, trying to be incognito.” If you’re starting to wonder if these two are getting romantic, their reps insist the two thespians are “just friends.” But adding fuel to the fire, the pair were spotted getting a cup of joe in New York City on April 26. Though it will definitely be the end of an era, these two talented folks are all-stars and will likely rebound to another hit project. So I pop back and forth.", these co-stars recently hit up the happiest place on earth for a relaxing day off. Notably missing were Jon’s longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt, and any other co-stars. "Matt originally sent us tapes on Jon Hamm and Mariska Hargitay's husband [Peter Hermann]. ' It was not a particularly great audition."Taylor, who had previously worked with Weiner on and had this antihero, not classically handsome leading man.Those were his two choices and he said he was leaning more towards Jon," she recalls. And I had gotten into the habit of thinking, OK, that's what it takes to do a serious show. So I think I had a reluctance about Jon's handsomeness," he says.Check out our full oral history of the Looking back, it seems impossible that anyone besides Jon Hamm would have been able to play Sterling Cooper's handsome, brooding creative director, Don Draper.But in actuality, it was anything but inevitable, with everyone involved in the show realizing that the choice for the lead actor could make or break the project."It was torturous finding Don Draper," Alan Taylor, who directed the pilot, admits."It was only after we started to work with him and see that there was a kind of sadness and vulnerability ... What [] was doing was sort of dismantling masculine perfection and letting it fall apart. [We] took him for a drink, and it was immediately apparent in person that he would embody Don Draper. I think that just shows the genius of Matt, that he knew.So it made perfect sense to start off with someone who seems from the outside to be that perfect American male. All of us were still floundering around, and he knew what he wanted and he was 100 percent right."See exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the Elisabeth Moss (Peggy Olson)Elisabeth Moss was the first person to read for fresh-out-of-school secretary Peggy Olson, and the casting directors — who had known her since she was a child actress — knew they had found their woman.The casting directors zeroed in on Hendricks for the role of Joan, but Hendricks herself didn't have a preference. All the roles were good, so whichever one is the series regular is the one I want.'" But it almost never happened.Like many of the other characters, Joan was originally conceived as a guest-star role who would be promoted to a series regular if the show got picked up.

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