Jung ryeo won dating

A post on Pann tried to clear up various speculations linking the actress to the WINNER through a series of identical posts on Instagram fro the past year.

After much investigations, netizens found out that the two initially followed each other through a mutual acquaintance and also discovered that they share similar tastes.

The two have allegedly enjoyed dates without trying to hide their relationship, and were reportedly seen at a cafe in Garosugil a few days ago. especially since Korean fans have already been leaving because they're barely being promoted. He's the male version of Sulli ㅋ he'll probably leave the group soon too ^^14. [ 96, -12] 13 year age difference, talk about Hollywood scale16. looks like even YG can't control Nam Taehyun... [ 96, -13] Hul, I can't even understand how the woman sees a '93er as a man, that's shocking18.

X Sports News added that when WINNER was busy during promotions, Jung Rye Won took care of Nam Tae Hyun by visiting his dorm. [ 64, -5] Hul, this is crazy, no wonder YG said what they did...19.

The speculations began through overlapping posts in terms of film and music recommendations.

However, this article proved that the alleged coincidence also coincided with other celebrities. Although both Ryeo Won and Taehyun posted similar updates about it, it cannot be denied that other celebrities such as Yoo Ah In were huge fans too.

Netizens also considered Jung Ryeo Won’s international trip for the past year.

Yesterday, news broke out that Jung Ryeo Won and Nam Tae Hyun were secretly dating for a year after meeting through a mutual acquaintance.

News outlet Xsports reported Tuesday that the two have been romantically involved for a year.

The report claimed that the pair were introduced to each other by a mutual friend, and were spotted on a date at a café in Gangnam, Seoul after YG Entertainment announced that Nam will be taking a break from group activities due to his health issues.

It's very easy to take that animosity and blow it up into YG being some absolutely evil label hell bent on ruining everything they own.

They didn't handle the Minzy situation to a lot of fans liking.

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