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Today, you will speak hundreds or thousands of words. Practicing your English speaking can help you become more fluent, feel more confident and get experience actually using all the words and grammar you have learned. You might say, “But I don’t have anyone to practice with! There are thousands of people who can help you practice your spoken English, and they’re all right at your fingertips. Here are some excellent websites where you can find a speaking partner, no matter where you live.

Then you’re forgetting about one of the best ways to learn English: practice.

You might find a tutor who you can meet with online, but the main purpose is in-person tutoring.

You’ll be able to meet up with you tutor face-to-face, at a local library, coffee shop, park or even at your house! What it is: Back before the Internet, people had “pen pals,” or friends who lived far away and communicated by writing letters to each other.

Surround yourself with English speakers if you can!

Find a local group of people who speak English and have the same hobby as you, or find other people who want to learn English.

There are many people using Skype to teach, and it might take some looking around until you find the teacher who’s perfect for you.

You can feel free to make mistakes because you never have to talk to them again if you don’t want to.Remember that you might not learn perfect grammar here, but you will get to hear native speakers taking naturally.Also keep in mind that some video games (for example, shooters like “Call of Duty”) have a lot of cursing in the voice chat, and not everyone is nice.Conversation Exchange lets you find an email pen pal who you can write to in English.Even better, the website helps you find people you can talk to with voice chat, or even native English speakers who live near you. Each club has its own fees if you decide to join as as member. What it is: The Toastmasters Club is a place where people can learn public speaking skills.The teachers are hand-picked by Verbling, and you can view an introductory video from each one before you make your choice.You can also watch some scheduled online classes either by signing up for them.Visit the Language Exchange forum and you’ll find lots of people looking to get a new speaking buddy.You can find someone like you who is learning English, or a native English speaker who is learning your native language. What it is: Wyzant is the place to find a reliable, professional English tutor who lives near you.In language exchanges, you will teach your native language to someone and they will teach you English, like this one in NYC.If you are planning to travel someplace where English is the common language, instead of getting a hotel, try websites like Air Bnb or Couchsurfing instead.

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