Mandating community

The theory behind court ordered community service is that mandating minor offenders to perform community service offers more benefit to society than incarceration of those offenders.The community benefits from the work that the offender performs and avoids the cost of incarceration while the offender benefits from a lesser sentence and, it is hoped, is rehabilitated, educated and enriched through the work they perform. Court ordered community service is often, but not always, related to the type of offense that they were charged with.However, the mandate likely reduced volunteering among twelfth-grade students.In contrast to creating lifelong volunteers, my results suggest that the mandate changed the timing of volunteering.If you're found guilty of criminal contempt, this can become a separate charge from your underlying case and can therefore put in place additional punishments beyond those you're facing in your underlying case. For example, in addition to court-ordered community service, a judge may require a defendant to make restitution payments to victims to compensate for their losses, meaning that you could be paying regular restitution payments out of pocket for the foreseeable future.The failure to do so and comply with all of the court's orders could also lead to a finding of contempt.For example, a person convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) may have to give speeches to schoolchildren about the dangers of drunk driving.A judge may sometimes allow an offender to choose the type of community service they wish to do.

In Nassau County, New York, the Roslyn and Hewlett-Woodmere districts approved a program that required students, beginning with the class of 1997, to take a one-semester, half-credit, community-service course and to complete a minimum of 30 hours of field work to graduate.Learn More About Court Ordered Community Service from an Attorney Depending on the facts of your case, it may be possible to obtain a sentence of community service.Reach out to a skilled criminal defense attorney who can help make the argument for a sentence of community service by highlighting favorable evidence during plea bargain negotiations or trial.Don't let a judge's demeanor or the fact that you received a lighter sentence fool you.Failure to meet the sentencing requirements could lead to imposition of the harsher sentence such as prison or even a finding of criminal contempt of court.Liberty University conducted a survey to determine if they should continue to require students to fulfill a community service requirement in order to graduate.To help colleges and universities advance their strategies and operate as a clearing house of best practices and resources, a national organization called Campus Compact was founded in 1985 by Brown, Georgetown and Stanford Universities.Each state has specific rules and procedures for court ordered community service, so be sure to check on the law in your area.Other Considerations A sentence of community service may seem like you've dodged the bullet, but it's important to understand the consequences for failing to fully perform the court's required service.If this is the case, a government or independent agency must verify that the offender completed the community service.Otherwise, a judge will order a specific type of service that is verified through the organization where the offender performs the work.

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