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For example, if your foot is closest to the lens, it is worth remembering that your foot is going to the largest thing in the picture…nobody wants to be remembered as Bigfoot… )…or, move your arm a fraction backwards, away from the direct beam of light. Ask which is your key light and then work towards it. If the light has been metered to an exact spot, try to stick to it, or at least notice when you’ve crept closer to the light so you can rectify it if required. It is always advisable to follow the line of your nose to keep your sight central.Create separation between your limbs from your body. For example, if you raise an arm to the light, it could be a whole F-stop brighter in camera than your face (being the object closest to the source of light according to the inverse square law). This stops you from looking bog eyed from too much white of the eye showing.We look after each other and the best out there are very supportive.I was terrified to talk to the people I admired, but then I realised they’re only human, we are all the same…and they’re pretty damn awesome guys and girls when it comes to helping you out.Remember if you are wearing trousers then your legs don’t need to be so clamped together.

If you are genuinely a delight to be around, you are 100% more likely to be rebooked.Discover new ways to play and share your epic adventures with the Play Station®Camera.Its wide-angle dual lenses and four-microphone array combine to make it the perfect companion for your Play Station®4.See how much longer and larger my hands look when left straight: Play with what is available.If you are wearing a flowing dress, play with it by tossing it into the air or working the movement in the bottom.If you want to appear slimmer you can create a ‘false waist’.You can do this by positioning yourself to camera, then creating the waist you want seen with the positioning of your hands on your ‘hips’.If you have been booked for a specific job such as bridal, it is also well received if you bring appropriate accessories i.e. You may be sent home unpaid if you have exaggerated the truth and wasted time by not fitting the casting criteria. Talk to other models, check references and don’t ever assume anything.Despite many people thinking models are the bitchy ones, it’s actually very untrue most of the time.You are part of a team so pull your weight, diva’s are so 2010.I hope this letter has been of some use to you and that you can take something from it.

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