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His career completion percentage (66.1 through Week 7) is second in NFL history, bettering (among others) Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.See the graphic novel prequel for more information.Using Active X Data Objects 2.8 Library as a Reference from Excel VBA, and the connection string is: "Driver=......." And I also have the "Microsoft ODBC for Oracle" (MSORCL32.dll) entry in the Drivers tab of Windows XP's ODBC Manager.Now, will I be able to connect to an oracle databse, without any oracle client/products installed on my machine?

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He finished third in the NFL in passing yards in 2016 with 4,917 (a franchise record) and was sixth in ESPN's Total QBR at 66.5.

And although he has cut down on the interceptions that plagued him early in his career, he threw arguably his worst pick in the regular-season finale against the Giants last season.

"Great guy, will never embarrass you off the field, and if you were ranking guys, he's probably above average.

I have a pivot table which sources its data from a query within an Access database file.

Whenever I make an update, I make a copy of both the Excel and Access files first - and carry out the update on these new copies.

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