No payments meet sex

Molelle explained why crimes of this nature are particularly detrimental to developing countries like South Africa, which have strained and overstretched resources “that are hardly adequate to extend the much-needed services to the people”.He said that not only did this result in national revenue loss, but also in skewed allocation and distribution of resources.The challenge many face is how to turn the data ...

George Roussis and Nicholas Roussis of Staten Island, New York were sentenced to 37 and 24 months in prison, respectively. Sayegh of Scarsdale, New York will serve two and a half years in prison.

Molelle quoted supporting affidavits of a senior financial investigator at the NPA, Samson John Schalkwyk, which stated that the property they attached was the process of unlawful activities.

"Eskom, in contravention of its procurement processes, had unlawfully paid a total amount of R1 595 228 913.29 without a valid contract and for services purportedly rendered," Schalkwyk said.

Johannesburg - The payments Eskom made to Mc Kinsey and Trillian were criminal, consisting of crimes including fraud, theft, corruption and money laundering.

The payments were also a deliberate and fraudulent circumvention of Eskom’s supply management processes.

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